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Spirit-Medium-Karen-T-HluchanSharing the Gift of Mediumship

I am absolutely delighted to share with you the mediumship and healing gifts that have been bestowed upon me by God and the angels. It is a great honor and blessing to be able to connect the spirits of those here on earth with those that reside in heaven. All of this is possible through the all-powerful love that comes from the Creator. By being a vessel through which this loves flows, I have helped thousands of people to heal their lives and their spirits. Nothing gives me greater joy than to share the love that flows from heaven to earth and back again.

How Have You Loved?


I am excited to announce that my first book, How Have You Loved?, published on December 10, 2013. It is an empowering guide that reveals the reasons for our existence, divine guidance for making the most of our time on earth, and what happens to us when we cross over into heaven. By reading How Have You Loved?, you will learn how to be the master of your own destiny, how to recognize when spirits are communicating with you, and how your heavenly support team plays a role in the evolution of your soul.


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Our Connection in Spirit

Through a continual path of self-discovery and a deeply held desire to provide healing and happiness to others, I have not only experienced my reawakening to the gifts of mediumship I was born with, but also to the profound knowledge and guidance that is provided by our heavenly support teams. I chose to come to earth at this time, as have many other lightworkers, to help others to remember who they are and what their ultimate purpose is as an evolving soul and spiritual being. As we unite our love into a unifying, beautiful, and all-powerful energy, we bring the light that heals the darkness that has pervaded so many souls.

Learning from the Best

One of my responsibilities as a medium is to continually learn as I work with spirit. It is a fascinating process of communication in which all of my senses are used, and which requires the piecing together of abstract information into messages and information for you. I have trained with some of the top mediums in the world including – James Van Praagh (U.S.), John Holland (U.S.), Tony Stockwell (U.K), Jose Gosschalk (Netherlands), and Marilyn Whall (Australia). It is an honor and a pleasure to have trained with such gifted professionals.

An Honor and a Blessing

Thank you for the honor to work with you and to bring you closer in spirit with your deceased loved ones, spirit guides, and angels, as well as with the light that shines within you. Together, we embody the true meaning of healing spirit with love, which is my mission, my passion, and a true representation of the services I provide.

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Delve deeper into my website to learn more about the spirit medium readingsReiki energy healing sessions, and intuitive angel readings I provide, as well as news and upcoming events. Be sure to check out my inspirational blog for messages of love, healing, and mediumship, as well as the Karen’s Book tab to learn more about my recently published book, How Have You Loved?

Karen T. Hluchan
Spirit Medium, Motivational Speaker, Reiki Master, & Author of How Have You Loved?


Based in Horsham, Pennsylvania