Shadow – Spier, South Africa

Shadow - Spier, South Africa paintingShadow – Spier, South Africa

(Acinonyx jubatus)
Acrylic on Canvas Paper
Spirit Medium Karen T. Hluchan

Spiritual Meaning: The spirit of the cheetah signifies spontaneity, grace, and intense bursts of activity over a short period of time. The independent cheetah has an extra-large heart which enables it to go the distance in pursuit of prey. When the cheetah comes into your life, it is a sign to move bravely forward when the right moment to act presents itself. Lead with your heart and love, and release your fears about living the life you were meant to live. The time has come to embrace your dreams.

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Print Options for Shadow – Spier, South Africa

Shipping is included on all artwork purchases shipped within the United States, as well as a matching bonus greeting card providing the spiritual meaning with each print measuring 9″ or more! Each print is personally signed by Karen either on the back (museum-quality prints) or the front on the small white border surrounding the 9″x12″, 12″x9″, 12″x16″ and 16″x12″ prints.

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