Can Loved Ones in Spirit See Us From Heaven?

path to the beachPeople often ask me if loved ones in spirit can see us after they have crossed over into Heaven. The short answer is yes; however, there is much more to a soul’s existence in Heaven beyond seeing events on Earth. Through the countless communications I have received from beings in spirit, I have learned a great deal that I would like to share with you about our existence beyond life on Earth.

From Physical Body to the Soul’s Energy Form

Once our loved ones in spirit cross over into Heaven, their existence changes in profound ways. They are no longer hampered by the physical body they had on Earth. Any physical pain they experienced is gone as the soul in pure energy form. The soul moves forward to its next destination, Heaven, which is the home base of all souls. Even though souls are in energy form, they often mirror the way they looked in life. This familiar form helps souls to transition into their new existence in Heaven in a comforting way. Once souls have acclimated to the heavenly plane, they can alter their appearance. Loved ones in spirit often show me they have opted to take the form of their younger selves, or an age in which they were happy.

Guides for New Arrivals

The newly arrived are often paired with an angelic guide or loved one in spirit who has already crossed over in order to help with the reorientation process. The guides teach or remind the new arrival of how he or she can visit loved ones on Earth, as well as how to send signs alerting those on Earth of his or her presence. Many people report unusual occurrences when a loved one passes, such as seeing a loved one in spirit in their dreams or even seeing them standing by their bedside in energy form around the time of his or her passing. In addition, they may send signs to let you know they are in Heaven. It could be a visual sign, such as the one my great aunt received when she asked her sister where she was after she passed. My great aunt was cleaning out her closet at the time and a book fell at her feet from the shelf above. The book’s title had something to do with time in Heaven. Other signs include feeling a loved one in spirit’s presence, or smelling a scent that reminds you of them. There are many ways in which they will send signs, and they will utilize all of your senses to do so. This is because the method of communication across dimensions works in this way.

Access to the Past and the Future

As for seeing the events unfolding on Earth, loved ones not only have access to current events, but also past and future events. Loved ones in spirit visit us often because they love us and want to help us. They do give us privacy during those ultra-private moments in our lives; however, your loved ones in spirit are around you much more often than you think. As for events from the past, they are able to retrieve and view experiences from the past from our Akashic records, which are the records of all that was, is, and will be for each soul in existence. If loved ones are in need of perspectives to help us with our lives, whether it is to achieve understanding from events from the past or to look into potential future events with which they can assist, they will retrieve the records with the approval of the Archangels who oversee the Hall of Records.

Still the Same Soul, but with a Higher Perspective

It is important to note the perspectives about life on Earth change after arrival in Heaven. Once loved ones in spirit experience the review of their lives, they gain a higher understanding of why events occurred the way they did. The veil that obscured the knowledge of existence for them while in human form is removed, opening up comprehension of the vast inner-workings of our lives as human beings and our existence beyond life on Earth. Within, they are the same soul; however, they have a higher understanding and knowledge which helps them to view situations objectively, as well as grow as a soul through divine awareness. Which is why, when loved ones in spirit come through to communicate with those on this plane, they often indicate they are at peace. Because of the understanding they have attained, they no longer experience anger or upset. This is also true for the way people on Earth are handling situations since their passing. They may not like the way a loved one on Earth is behaving; however, due to their divine knowledge, they know why events are occurring in a certain way. It all has to do with lessons for our souls. They are not angry, but can be saddened when someone is behaving in a manner which hurts others. The situations, though, are out of their hands. They cannot control how people behave. They can only watch over situations and hope for the best. There are times when they can step in to help from the Other Side; however, more often than not, they are not allowed to interfere, especially if important lessons need to be learned.

What to Do with Belongings

As for the handling of their belongings, loved ones in spirit often convey that they would like items to be distributed in a fair way. It is unfortunate when people on Earth behave in a selfish or greedy way over the legacies left by loved ones who have crossed over. They do not like to see families torn apart by belongings or money. Even though they are aware of the lessons tied into these situations, they still hope loved ones remember it is more important to cultivate and nurture the relationships they have with one another through fair distribution, rather than hurtful actions driven by greed and selfish behaviors.

Loved ones in spirit also often state they do not want loved ones on Earth to feel compelled to keep every object they ever owned because the objects are not them, they are only things which loved ones in spirit no longer need. Keeping objects with historical importance or positive memories is good, as long as they do not overload your home. I have had loved ones in spirit ask their relatives on Earth to donate that which is no longer needed to charities because they prefer their belongings to go to someone who can use them.

Heavenly Communications

All in all, our loved ones in spirit remain an important part of our lives, even though they have crossed over into Heaven. They are aware of events on Earth and do what they can to help us on our journeys here. There are many ways in which you can remain open to the communications they send, including learning how spirit-to-spirit communication works. While it differs from the way we communicate with each other on Earth, it is a language built into our souls which can be reawakened with knowledge and an openness to the extraordinary within the seemingly ordinary.


With Love and Light,
Karen T. Hluchan

Spirit Medium, Motivational Speaker, Reiki Master, Spiritual Artist, & Author of How Have You Loved?

Karen T. Hluchan is a spirit medium, motivational speaker, Reiki master, spiritual artist, and author of How Have You Loved? Through her mediumship practice, Healing Spirit with Love, she devotes her time to the healing of spirit on earth through her connection with heaven. Her passion for her calling is shared through spirit medium readings and angel readings, speaking engagements, and workshops she instructs, as well as through her writing, Reiki, and fine art spiritual paintings. All of her work is inspired by the divine light that is within us all. She has a great love of nature, people, and the planet, and she enjoys her connection in spirit, both here and in heaven.
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