Is there a refund policy?

Yes, a refund policy is in effect for any event, workshop, or reading in which you pay in advance. If you cancel a pre-paid reading, event booking, or workshop booking 8 days or more before the reading or booking, you will receive a full refund. If you cancel within 7 days or less, a refund will not be issued. It is important to note that in the case of inclement weather, a reading, event, or workshop will most likely be rescheduled for a future date, if you cannot attend an event or workshop on the rescheduled date, a credit will be applied for a future workshop, reading or event. If an event is cancelled due to extenuating circumstances, including inclement weather, a full refund or credit will be offered.

Rescheduling may also be an option if a workshop or event will be offered in the future; however, if you reschedule within 7 days or less of an event or workshop, a rescheduling fee of $20 will be applied. The same rescheduling fee of $20 will be applied if you need to reschedule a pre-paid reading within 7 days or less of the booking. Rescheduling with 8 days or more notice will not incur a rescheduling fee.

In order to receive a refund, credit, or request rescheduling, you must send an email to SpiritMedium@comcast.net with your request.

Does spirit always come through in a reading?

Yes. Your loved ones in spirit and your angels are always there and ready to communicate with you. They know even before you do that you are coming to see Karen to receive their messages and they would not miss it for the world. When receiving a reading, it is your job to identify your loved ones as they come through. Your loved ones work hard to bring through information that will help you to identify and remember who they are. Keeping an open mind about who is coming through works in your favor because you never know who is going to come through and with what message. If you are struggling to identify your loved ones, which does occasionally occur during a spirit medium reading, Karen will ask you if you would like to receive guidance from your angels through an angel reading instead.

What is the difference between a spirit medium reading and an angel reading?

For a spirit medium reading, Karen reaches out to your loved ones in spirit, your angels, and your spirit guides to deliver messages to you. An angel reading provides you with an opportunity to ask Karen questions about your life in order to receive guidance from the archangels.

If I do not like the message that comes through in a reading, can I get a refund?

No. Karen does not control the messages that come through from spirit, nor does she filter them. It is her job to genuinely and honestly share the messages that come through to her. When spirit comes through with a message for you, their intent is to bring healing to your heart and spirit. The information is of the utmost importance to the development of your soul, and sometimes, that involves bringing to light issues that you need to work on in order to live your life in a more positive and fulfilling way. Sometimes, it is difficult for some people to face the issues that are brought to light. Know that spirit is not sharing that information to hurt you, but to help you in significant ways. This type of message is a wake-up call meant to serve as a catalyst for positive change in your life.

Moreover, the angels and your loved ones are sending you messages of truth. They will not tell you what you want to hear just to placate you because it would serve no positive purpose to do so. They will, however, provide you with guidance and information that will help lead you toward a successful and satisfying path.