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How Have You Loved by Karen T HluchanI am very excited to share with you the divine messages and guidance that I have received directly from heaven. How Have You Loved? delivers compelling information about how you can make the most of your time on earth, as well as why you are really here on this earthly journey and how loved ones in spirit communicate not only with me, but also with you on a daily basis.

Profound Messages from the Other Side

If you are like most people, each of us wonders about the reasons we are here, whether heaven truly exists, and whether our spirit continues to exist beyond life on earth. How Have You Loved? provides answers to these eternal questions and teaches you:

    • How you can connect with and recognize signs and messages from your loved ones in spirit and your Heavenly Support Team
    • How to take charge of your destiny and make the most of your time here
    • How to develop loving and fulfilling relationships with yourself and others
    • How to actively change your mindset to usher in greater inner happiness and peace
    • How animals convey messages and help you with your life
    • And much, much more!
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Hardcover Author-Signed Editions of “How Have You Loved?”

The Most Important Question You Will Answer When You Cross Over into Heaven

When you arrive in heaven, the most important question you will answer when you review your life is: “How have you loved?” It is not only the love that you have shared with others, but also with yourself. Many people search for love outside of themselves, when they really need to start the search within their own hearts first. Enrich your life as you explore the power of your thoughts, love, and your connection with all beings in How Have You Loved? 

Review of How Have You Loved?

“My daughter gave me your book How Have You Loved? that she purchased from you. When I saw the dedication that you wrote, I was surprised because I felt that you knew me….without having met! She gave me the book after she read it 🙂
I am extremely thankful to my daughter, to you, and to the angels that the book came my way. I felt that you wrote it for me! I absorbed every word, every paragraph. The book is easy to read without taking away from the complexity of the concepts and the information that you share. Reading the book, I felt that you understood me as a reader. You helped me understand and helped me to leave the fear “of the unknown” behind. You made me realize that the “unknown” is actually very real. I have learned to acknowledge and thank my guardian angels.
I will treasure your book and I will read it again as soon as my sister finish reading it. Again, thanks to you and your mom for taking the time to talk to my daughter. She was soooo excited 🙂 to have met you and is continuing to grow spiritually. Thanks to you, our relationship keeps growing stronger.”
~Ruth A.

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Hardcover Author-Signed Editions of “How Have You Loved?”

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