Receiving Heavenly Messages from Loved Ones in Spirit

AngelAs a Spirit Medium, I help to connect people with loved ones that have crossed over into heaven, as well as with spirit guides, guardian angels, past spiritual masters, and archangels. Loved ones who come through in a reading include both people and animals. I am constantly delighted and amazed at the messages that come through, as well as the way in which they are communicated.

How Communications from Spirit are Received

When I communicate with spirits, all of my extrasensory senses are utilized.  Through clairvoyance, or extrasensory seeing, I am shown motion and still images of the deceased, as well as images that have symbolic meaning for the recipient of the reading. Through clairsentience, or extrasensory feeling, spirits send me physical indicators about the way in which they passed, such as a short sharp pain in the area of my heart which indicates that his or her life ended due to a heart attack. Through clairaudience, or extrasensory hearing, I am able to pick up auditory messages that spirits want to pass along to you. The use of clairalience and clairambience allows me to pick up on messages that are sent through my sense of taste and smell. For instance, I recently had an experience in which the strong taste of cigar smoke came through in a reading. When I shared this information with the recipient of the reading, they confirmed that the loved one coming through was a cigar smoker. Lastly, messages are sent to me using claircognizance, or extrasensory knowing. This is information that is known within my spirit. It is not shared through any of the others senses, it is information that has been downloaded to my mind that I share with the recipient of a reading.

Messages Shared After Loved Ones Have Been Identified

Once a spirit has been clearly recognized by the recipient of a reading through the initial validation process in which identity-revealing information is transmitted, such as about physical characteristics and personality traits, then it is time to share the messages that the spirit wants you to receive. The messages often include love, asking for forgiveness, and comfort about the spirit’s arrival in heaven.

Truthful and Heartfelt Guidance from Heaven

Because these spirits are in heaven, and can better see and understand the process of life on earth, they often offer guidance about your life path. It is important to keep in mind that the gift of divine communication is not to tell you what you necessarily want to hear, but to share the truth with you. The messages you receive are of great importance to the growth of your soul. Because we have been given the gift of free will, it is always up to the recipient of the reading to decide whether to follow the advice that is gifted to them by his or her heavenly support team.

What Happens When You Choose to Ignore Messages from Heaven

Some people have a strong adverse reaction to the messages because it requires that he or she let go of anger, grudges, and negative thought processes that he or she has held onto for a long time. The spirits are telling the person this,  not to make the him or her angry or upset, but rather to help this person to  release harmful patterns that are holding him or her back from achieving  personal happiness, and could even be causing the recipient of the reading  emotional, mental, and physical distress. If a person chooses to ignore the messages that spirits have shared with him or her, the spirits will not give up on their quest to help this person. He or she will continue to come across situations that will challenge him or her to grow as a soul, and to open his or her heart and mind to a more positive life path.

What Happens When You Listen to Divine Guidance

I am very happy to report that most people are open to the messages that they receive from spirit during readings. They understand the priceless value of the heavenly guidance that has been given to them. Amazing transformations and events do occur in the lives of the people who do take the messages to heart. I know not only because I am one of them, but also because of the feedback I receive from thankful clients who tell me about the fantastic turn their lives have taken as a result of following the advice given to them by their loved ones in spirit.

Best Advice

When you are the recipient of a spirit medium reading, my best advice is to keep an open mind about who will come through for you, as well as the messages that they will deliver to you about your life. It is a gift of divine guidance and intervention that could completely turn your life around if you listen closely to the information that spirits are sharing with you. This information originates not from the spirit medium who is delivering it, because he or she is only the vessel through which the communication flows, but from your heavenly support team who views your life from a much higher perspective. They want to see you succeed with the life lessons you have chosen for this lifetime, and hope that you recognize the honor and the blessings that they have gifted to you through their heavenly communications with you.


With much love and many blessings for all,
Karen T. Hluchan

Spirit Medium, Motivational Speaker, Reiki Master, Spiritual Artist, & Author of How Have You Loved?

Karen T. Hluchan is a spirit medium, motivational speaker, Reiki master, spiritual artist, and author of How Have You Loved? Through her mediumship practice, Healing Spirit with Love, she devotes her time to the healing of spirit on earth through her connection with heaven. Her passion for her calling is shared through the spirit readings, demonstrations, and workshops she provides, as well as through her writing, Reiki, and fine art spiritual paintings. All of her work is inspired by the divine light that is within us all. She has a great love of nature, people, and the planet, and she enjoys her connection in spirit, both here and in heaven.
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  1. Hi Karen,
    I just started reading your blog and was blown away by all the posts from people who are going through exactly what I am and wondering if their loved one is truly ok and made it to the other side.
    I lost my mom, my very best friend, three weeks ago today. She was in hospice and passed away sooner than we excpected. When I arrived, she had just passed away. Soon after my sister got there. We talked to mom telling her how much we loved her and to please wait for us for when it was our turn to be called to Heaven. My sister and I left and went to my sisters house. Later that afternoon she and I noticed a small, red poinsettia on her front porch. It had no card with it, no markings, nothing. We texted friends who we thought may have left it there for us but everyone said no it wasn’t from them and most everyone else was at work at the time or didn’t even know yet that our mom had passed away. My sister has a camera on her front porch and when her husband went back and looked through footage he only saw their son going and coming home from school and then taking out the trash around 12:45pm. Y mom passed away around 1:30p. The camera starts taking pics when it picks up motion and that’s how their son was seen on the camera. Her husband checked several times and there was never any other motions picked up so when the poinsettia was placed on her porch there were no pics taken because again it didn’t pick up any motion. My sister and I believe that was placed there by my mom telling us she was okay. Could this be true? My mom loved red poinsettias this time of year. I want to believe this really was her communicating with us but I wanted to ask you if this really was her letting us know she okay and at peace?? Also one of the four songs that played during a slide show at her memorial service came on the first morning I took my kids back to school after she had passed and again the very next morning as I pulled into work, which was my first day back to work after she passed and I was anxious and still so upset of course. Was this her telling me through song she was with me??
    Thank you for your time and I will be following your blog and buying your book!
    God bless

    • healings-admin says:

      Hello Holly,

      Thank you for your comments! I apologize for the delay in my response. The holidays have kept me very busy this year. I am sorry about the loss of your mother. Have no fear, your mother has arrived safely in Heaven and she is enjoying her reunion with loved ones who have arrived before her. I absolutely love your story about the poinsettia and the songs. Our loved ones in spirit love to send us signs and they are certainly capable of making objects appear and disappear. I have many stories of my own regarding happenings such as the ones you have experienced. The poinsettia and the songs were gifts from your mom in Heaven. She will continue to use music and visual signs to let you know she is around. The poinsettia was a very special occurrence that took a lot of effort to create. Your mother loves that you are recognizing her signs. She is doing well in Heaven will continue to watch over you and your family. Thank you for reading my blog. I am glad you are enjoying it, and that it is helping you. As a note, if you order a copy of my book from my website, I will sign it for you and write a personal note in it to you. Here is the link:

      Sending lots of love, peace, and blessings your way!

      With Love and Light,
      Karen T. Hluchan

  2. Hello I’m writing to ask what is the price for a personal spirit reading?

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