David Young Special Events!

David Young, MusicianSpirit Medium Karen T. Hluchan is honored and excited to be hosting Grammy-nominated musician, David Young, for two special events on Sunday, August 12 at the Days Inn in Horsham, PA!

David Young is a twice Grammy-nominated musician who plays two renaissance flutes at one time in harmony. He has recorded 57 albums and sold over 1,000,000 copies. He is a healer, channel, writer of three books, and artist. It is said that more people have had out of body experiences while listening to his music than any other musician alive today.

You can attend one or both events, have the option to enjoy a pizza dinner between events, and receive a special rate at the Days Inn if you opt to stay over (mention code L15 when you book for the special $69 room rate(215) 674-2500). It is recommended to purchase your tickets in advance as his events sell out very quickly. Ticket options are listed at the bottom of this page.

SimpliciTea & Co LogoThe doors will open 30-minutes prior to the events and well remain open during the break giving you an opportunity to meet David Young and Spirit Medium Karen T. Hluchan. You can check out their art, books, CDs, and enter your name into Karen’s drawing for a $40 gift certificate good towards all products and services she provides. In addition, SimpliciTea & Co, a loose leaf tea company with blends for the body, mind, and soul, will be in attendance with delicious samples of some of their traditional, specialty, or medicinal tea blends. SimpliciTea was founded by two amazing women who deeply believe in the healing benefits of herbs and tea leaves. Together, Jennifer and Lori combine their knowledge, expertise, and love of tea to create incredible new recipes with excellent health benefits, and, of course, great tasting tea.

A Portal Between Heaven and Earth Meditation

Time: 1pm – 4pm

Tickets: $30 in advance/$35 at the door, $50 for both events in advance/$60 for both events at the door, or $60 for both events in advance including pizza dinner (select reserve your tickets at the bottom of this page)

Doors open 30-minutes prior to the event

Enjoy an amazing afternoon of divinely inspired music produced by twice Grammy-nominated David Young.

More than 5,000 attendees at his 300+ events over the past three years have shared having a conversation or spiritual travel with Jesus, Buddha, St Germain, Mother Mary, Quan Yin, an Archangel or have reconnected with one of their loved ones in Heaven. This does not include the thousands of people who had past life experiences or have seen the Inner Light.

Many call his music “the most heavenly, healing music on the planet” with over 20,000 healers and healing centers using his music every day – including Karen!

David transforms the room with spiritual energy created by playing two Renaissance flutes at one time in harmony over his tracks.

The effect his Sound Healings have had on people is unparalleled. To learn more about David Young, visit:  DavidYoungMusic.com.

The True Story of Jesus and his wife, Mary Magdelena

Time: 5pm – 8pm

Tickets: $30 in advance/$35 at the door, $50 for both events in advance/$60 for both events at the door, or $60 for both events in advance including pizza dinner (reserve your ticket options at the bottom of this page)

Doors open 30-minutes prior to the event 

Their Life, Their Love, and Their Family

This 2.5 hour presentation includes:

  • David explains what actually happened 2,000 years ago based on historical facts along with three years of divinely orchestrated synchronicities that all tie into what people have experienced at the ‘Portal Between Heaven and Earth’ events he has presented since 2014.

While he was sharing this new information at Unity of Sedona, an attendee raised her hand three times to share that her Mary Magdalena Discussion / Channeling group received the same information about who took him down from the cross and helped him and Mary Magdalena escape. There is a reason he was taken down after six hours and why his body disappeared three days later.

  • David sings channeled songs written with Mary Magdalena and provides a 30-minute Soul Ascension Flute Meditation

According to David, “Mimi, my ex girlfriend, and I were told to go to the south of France in September 2017 after 18 months of Them channeling information through her. They showed us three places where They lived and how They survived and made Their way to France together. After we returned, the first place I shared this information was at the world famous Spiritualist Church in Casadega, Florida, which is sometimes referred to as the Sedona of the East Coast. The pastor’s wife came up to me when I was finished and said, ‘My husband has been the pastor here for 45 years and I have seen every famous spiritual speaker come through here. This was absolutely the best presentation I’ve ever heard.'”

David recommends that attendees research:

  • The article on SmithsonianMag.org titled, “Unearthing the Life of Jesus”
  • Download the movie, “Jesus in India.”
  • Verify the historical fact online that the Virgin Birth was added to the Bible 381 years later by Emperor Constantine.

Most people know Jesus was Jewish and his real name is Yeshua; however, few people know that he was a rabbi –  and in order to become a rabbi you must first have a wife and children.

To learn more about David Young, visit his website at:  DavidYoungMusic.com.

Ticket Options

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Are Spirits Constantly Communicating with Mediums?

Honor Yourself and OthersPeople often ask me if spirits communicate with me everywhere I go and if they urge me to share messages all of the time with people in my vicinity. The short answer to this question is both yes and no. I keep the channel open to remain receptive to messages from spirits; however, when and why spirits communicate with me differs according to the circumstances I am in.

Respect Goes Both Ways
As a spirit medium, the respect I have for spiritual beings is also extended from them to me. Spirits know that I have duties that I need to perform on earth and that I, too, have a life I need to live. They know that I need time to relax and to attend to my own needs; therefore, they do not constantly hound me to share messages. As I mentioned, I do leave the channel of communication open at all times; however, it is for the purpose of remaining open to the daily guidance I receive from my support team in heaven. When I am preparing for a formal spirit medium reading, I consciously open the channel even further with the specific intention of receiving and sharing messages for the person or people in attendance.

Spirits Can Be Persistent
There have been times when spirits have urged me to share a message with someone who is sitting or standing next to me; however, the circumstances surrounding these situations usually has a much higher purpose and more far-reaching implications than I am made aware of at the time. When a spiritual being is strongly urging me to share a message with someone I have not formally met, I do so with honor and respect. This includes a proper assessment of the circumstances, and the asking of permission to share the messages I am receiving. It is very important to note that I do not just walk up to someone and blurt out information about their loved ones in spirit. It is irresponsible and rude to throw information like that out to people without having asked permission to share the message. By asking permission I am allowing the person to prepare themselves for the receipt of a message, and it also gives them the option to receive it or not.

Honoring the Spirit of Each Being
Spirit communication is to be approached with honor for the divine source that dwells within us all. That honor includes showing respect to the spirit who is communicating with me, as well as to the spirit that dwells within the person with whom I may be sharing divine messages.

Misconceptions about Spirit Mediums
The misconception that mediums just walk up to people on the street and share messages is rooted, in part, in the television show, Long Island Medium. It is unfortunate that this show cuts out the portions in which permission is asked to share a reading. When watching the show, people tend to forget that Theresa Caputo is followed around by television cameras. She must ask permission from store owners to bring cameras into their establishments, and at the same time, I would hope that she asks for permission to share messages from spirit, should they arise. As viewers, you do not see these transactions taking place, you only see her sharing messages in spirit because the producer wants you to have the impression that these events are occurring spontaneously for the reality television format. While I am very grateful for what Theresa has done to raise awareness about spirit communication, the way her show has portrayed it has caused confusion and unrealistic expectations in viewers. The format of the shows leads people to believe that spirits urge mediums to walk up to people they have never met and deliver messages all of the time. As I had mentioned, there have been very special and unique times that this has happened to me; however, I assess the situation first, and then ask permission before sharing the messages.

Clearing Up an Additional Misunderstanding
One of the other misconceptions that surround mediumship is that mediums should be constantly sharing messages with people for free because it is a gift. I have actually had people demand, not ask, that I give them a message on the spot. To demand anything from anyone is very rude, and it does not honor the gifts, the person with the gifts, or the source of the gifts. No matter what gifts a person may possess, it is always better to ask than to demand or even expect someone to give of themselves.

Visiting Hours
If you would like to receive messages from your loved ones in spirit, ask to set up a time for a reading. Like doctors, mediums have specific times that they devote to sharing their gifts of healing with others. Both doctors and mediums deserve time off to attend to their own lives, have fun, and to recharge themselves in order to serve others with honor and respect. If we did not do this, the imbalance of constantly giving and not receiving would leave us severely depleted of energy and, therefore, less effective in our roles as healers. The same holds true for you. If you are constantly giving and not receiving in your life, eventually there would be nothing left for you to give.

The True Meaning of Namaste
In all that you do, it is a beneficial demonstrate respect and honor yourself and others. In this way, you can maintain more cooperative relationships that serve to inspire and uplift your spirit and that of others, rather than deplete them of energy. There is a time and a place for everything, and by honoring yourself and those around you, you will be much happier with the results of your interactions.


With Light and Love,
Karen T. Hluchan

Spirit Medium, Motivational Speaker, Reiki Master, & Author of How Have You Loved?