Synchronicity: How Events are Facilitated on Earth with Divine Timing

Green Tree Surrounded by Arid DesertDo you know that no matter what actions you take, you are always on the right path for you? Even when it seems mistakes are being made or you are unsure about which path to follow, events are being orchestrated from the Other Side to help lead you into situations which provide maximized opportunities for growth and dreams fulfilled.

Soul Lessons

Deep within our souls, we have information which contains our goals for this lifetime. Our goals are defined by the soul contracts we created prior to birth about the lessons we agreed to learn this time around. This information was obscured from us when we were born in order to allow us to work through challenges and experiences with an open mind and to provide opportunities for us to rediscover our divine reasons for being. In many ways, it may seem as though we are blindly forging ahead, not knowing what will happen or what to expect, but hoping for the best. The good news is we are not alone on this journey. We receive a tremendous amount of assistance from our Heavenly Support Teams who help us navigate our paths through signs and messages, as well as help us to be in the right place at the right time for events to unfold with impeccable divine timing.

Worrying About Outcomes

As human beings, we have the tendency to worry about outcomes and will attempt to take actions to drive the outcomes we desire. Questions swirl in our minds about what is going to happen in the future with our relationships, careers, jobs, finances, children, parents, friends, family, pets, and more. We question our decisions and actions, often wondering if they were the right ones. Worrying, though, does not change what is destined to occur. Often, worry halts forward progress and robs us of the present because we can become lost in the various worst-case scenarios our minds create and replay as if the answers for being prepared are hidden within the “what-if” story lines we imagine. Even if the worst-case scenarios do occur, there are positive reasons for those negative circumstances. There are times when we must go through the challenging times in order to grow as souls or help others on their path. The positive reasons and benefits might not be revealed right away, but if you keep looking for them, they will be revealed to you in time. Often, when experiencing extremely tragic circumstances, it is very difficult to see how anything positive can come out of them. It is important to keep in mind the lessons we agreed to learn in this lifetime through our soul contracts. I have personally experienced great tragedy that I would never wish on anyone else, nor would I want to go through it again; however, I have reached a point where I can not only recognize the lessons I learned, but also be grateful for the experiences that made me who I am today.

Divine Intervention

All experiences, whether positive or negative, are designed to help us successfully progress through our soul lessons. The Archangels, tasked with helping humankind with their journeys, facilitate events on earth to maximize the opportunities for each soul. The timing, whether you agree with it or not, is truly amazing. The sheer scale of the real-time planning and organization of events is mind-boggling. With every action there is a reaction with rippling effects across the lives of many, which then creates more actions and reactions, all of which tie in to our individual soul contracts. The ripples keep going without end, creating perpetual cycles which weave together to simultaneously assist with the achievement of personal soul lessons while maintaining a functioning world. The incredible precision for the timing of events for millions of people is truly astounding; and yet, it occurs often without notice or appreciation. It is usually when major events line up in such a way that the only conclusion is divine intervention, that our eyes are opened to this phenomenon of being in sync with our divine plans and we recognize the hand of something greater than us steering our courses.

This amazing synchronicity is sometimes mistakenly classified as a coincidence. There really are no coincidences. Each event on earth is carefully and strategically planned based on what needs to happen for each one of us in real-time. No amount of worrying would have changed these events. They were meant to occur when all people and events were in alignment with one another.

In my own life, I have seen incredible events converge not only for myself, but also for others. In that moment, I can see how prior experiences and lessons brought myself or others to the exact moment in time in which dreams come true, prayers are answered, or lessons learned. With the epiphany comes the realization that without the events of the past, the current circumstances could not have evolved because we would not be where we needed to be, spiritually or emotionally, in order to receive this divinely-timed gift.

Making the Most of Our Time

In essence, if we can learn to release excessive worries and embrace present moments, we are gifting ourselves with the ability to enjoy our lives with a sense of calm and acceptance. Over the years, I have learned to release the struggle of trying to make situations go the way I wanted them to go. I learned to make plans, but to be open to changes. I also review experiences from the past to determine what I could do better going forward and to look for the positive reasons for negative circumstances. While looking forward and backward, I do my best to not get caught up in what is going to happen next or rehash the past so many times that it becomes detrimental. There is a balance that can be achieved through the acceptance of that which cannot be controlled for the future and an acknowledgement of circumstances of the past, which can bring you to a place in your life where you can focus your attention on the present. In doing so, you can make the most of your time here on earth while remaining open to those incredible moments of synchronicity.


With Love and Light,
Karen T. Hluchan

Spirit Medium, Motivational Speaker, Reiki Master, Spiritual Artist, & Author of How Have You Loved?

Karen T. Hluchan is a spirit medium, motivational speaker, Reiki master, spiritual artist, and author of How Have You Loved?Through her mediumship practice, Healing Spirit with Love, she devotes her time to the healing of spirit on earth through her connection with heaven. Her passion for her calling is shared through spirit medium readings and angel readings, speaking engagements, and workshops she instructs, as well as through her writing, Reiki, and fine art spiritual paintings. All of her work is inspired by the divine light that is within us all. She has a great love of nature, people, and the planet, and she enjoys her connection in spirit, both here and in heaven.

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Defining Your Life Purpose

Pink TulipsFor some, the recognition of a life purpose comes as a calling or a moment of complete understanding of what your mission is in this lifetime. It is a very strong inner-knowing of your purpose that cannot be denied. For me, it was an amazing moment in which I finally understood what my calling was in life. The events leading up to this moment were carefully orchestrated by my guys and gals in heaven, also known as my heavenly support team. As the realization hit me that I was a spirit medium, I experienced a vision in which every experience in my life lit up like a star in a sapphire blue sky. The stars lit up one by one in a spiral curving inward which was signifying my earthly journey from one level to the next. The center star shined the brightest and magnified in intensity as I looked at it. I knew in my soul that the center star represented that exact moment in time in which I finally realized I was a spirit medium. I knew it was my calling to help people through the wondrous gifts I had been given. It truly was one of the most profound moments of my life.

Listening to the Call of Your Spirit
Not all people experience that extraordinary moment of profound recognition about his or her life purpose. Sometimes, the call is more subtle and may come to you through repeated thoughts or messages. For instance, you may feel strong urges to create artwork. At the same time, you may also experience repeated outward signs that crop up and attempt to point you in the direction of your life purpose. Friends or strangers may suddenly show their appreciation for your artwork and tell you about upcoming art exhibitions. You may also see job listings for artists pop up on your social media newsfeeds or sale advertisements for the materials you use to create your artwork.

Unique Paths
Each person’s purpose for existing on this planet is unique to each individual, and yet, we are all entwined with one another through a complex web of cause and effect that is carefully planned out prior to our birth on earth. While in heaven, we agree to participate in and experience certain events in our lifetimes that not only advance the growth of our own souls, but also help others with their life lessons. Please note, though, that each second of our lives is not mapped out. It is more like a “choose your own adventure” book in which you choose an action from a list of potential actions, and you see where it takes you. There is no wrong path to take, because all paths lead you to the same place. Even when it seems like we are making mistakes, we are not. The seeming mistakes are pathways to learning that help us to avoid similar pitfalls in the future, and they lead us on detours that add value to our journey.

Know Thyself
Your life purpose may or may not involve positively impacting humankind for decades to come. You may be playing a supporting role to others, or you may be destined to contribute in both small and large ways. For example, one person may be destined to become a music legend who inspires people through the songs and compositions he or she creates, while another may be destined to work from home caring for and nurturing their children. The roles that each of us play in our lifetimes not only affect the people who are immediately around us, but also many others in current and future generations.

With the music legend, it is easy to see how that person is positively influencing others outside of their immediate circle of friends and family. With the stay at home dad or mom, the scope of his or her reach may not be revealed in this lifetime, but possibly in the next as the child or children that he or she raises may be destined to become a leader who positively impacts the world. Either way, we all have important jobs to do. Determining what that job is requires an excellent relationship with yourself, including an acknowledged awareness of your likes, dislikes, and talents, as well as a willingness to love who you are. Pay close attention to the messages you receive from within, as well as the confirmation you receive from without, regarding your life purpose.

Signs Point the Way
Throughout your life, you have been given many signs and messages about your life purpose. Do not worry, though, if you have not decoded or defined them yet. Your journey is unique to you, and it is a journey to be enjoyed. You really are in the perfect place for you at this moment in time. Attempting to measure the success of your journey by comparing yourself to others is an unfortunate waste of time, because no two people walk the same exact path. Instead, concentrate on finding the joy in your own journey and allow yourself to be open to the signs that are pointing you to paths that will bring you the most happiness and success.

Questions to Ask Yourself
To help determine your life path, I have compiled some questions designed to help you recognize the patterns that have been occurring in your own life.

When you were growing up, what did you always dream of doing or becoming?
Whether you dreamt of being a firefighter, ballerina, actress, pilot, baker, cook, scientist, doctor, or fashion designer, there are clues hidden within these occupations and childhood dreams that will help you uncover your life purpose. For instance, when I was twelve, I really wanted to become a psychologist. The desire behind that dream was to help people work through emotional issues in order to bring them healing. As it turns out, I share the gift of healing every day through my work as a spirit medium by helping people with deep issues that touch their hearts and souls.

Have you had strong and repeated visions about performing your vocation? Did you at any time attempt to follow your dreams? If so, what actions did you take?
Growing up, I also dreamt of being on stage in front of large groups of people. I participated in school plays, musicals, and community theatre, and as an adult, I gave hundreds of presentations and worked as a professional actress. All of my experiences on stage, in front of the camera, and on the radio have enabled me to be very comfortable speaking in front of large groups of people and on film. Today, I work on stage providing large group readings and motivational presentations, I am on the radio, and I create videos. The dreams I had, and the actions I took, help me with the work I currently perform. As a young girl, did I think I would be working as a spirit medium on stage? No, I did not. I did, however, end up on stage in front of large groups of people.

What activities bring you the most joy?
Pay attention to the activities you like to perform. For example, do you enjoy gardening, caring for babies or animals, problem-solving, cooking, helping others to succeed, driving, or designing your own jewelry? Have you ever wondered why you like certain activities over others? Natural talents and skills have been gifted to you for good reasons. Are there ways that you can use your skills to develop a successful occupation? Have you already done that?

For as long as I can remember, I loved reading and learning about ghosts, the paranormal, tarot, intuition, life after death, nature, mediumship, animals, crystals, and just about anything positive in the New Age genre. Prior to re-awakening to my gifts, I did not realize that my fascination with these topics were pointing me in the direction of my true vocation. Even as I read about spirit mediums, I would think about how much I would love to be able to be one. I find it interesting that I had not come across a book that would have given me the last piece of the puzzle I needed to realize that I already was a spirit medium. It was because the time was not right for me to become fully aware my gifts. My guys and gals in heaven knew when I needed to reawaken, and I believe that is why my calling came at the perfect time. They needed me to fulfill other tasks in order to be fully prepared to step into my gifts.

Life Purpose Revealed
Try not to worry or stress about determining your life purpose. Mine was revealed to me later in life, and as I look back, I can see that my calling arrived with impeccable timing. Yours will, too. Each person’s experience with the discovery of his or her life purpose is different. It may come as an epiphany, or as an inner-knowing that you feel when you are performing actions that are in harmony with your life plan. It is important to note that I was in my thirties when I experienced my epiphany, and I was not actively trying to determine my life purpose. Prior to that, I explored several career paths and job opportunities. Even though they were not the ultimate assignments of my calling, my experiences served very important purposes for the work that I currently perform.
When the time is right for you, your life purpose will be revealed. In the meantime, do what you love and love what you do. Focus on the activities that bring you the most joy, and listen to the positive inner-promptings that you receive. Place your trust in your higher self and your heavenly support team as you are actively guided on your path. Pay attention to the signs, repeated messages, and validations you receive about being on the right path…because you are on the best path for you. Even if you are unsure of your ultimate destination, your life purpose will be revealed with impeccable divine timing.



With Light and Love,
Karen T. Hluchan

Spirit Medium, Motivational Speaker, Reiki Master, & Author of How Have You Loved?

Karen T. Hluchan is a spirit medium, motivational speaker, Reiki master, and author of How Have You Loved? Through her mediumship practice, Healing Spirit with Love, she devotes her time to the healing of spirit on earth through her connection with heaven. Her passion for her calling is shared through the spirit readings, demonstrations, and workshops she provides, as well as through her writing and Reiki. All of her work is inspired by the divine light that is within us all. She has a great love of nature, people, and the planet, and she enjoys her connection in spirit, both here and in heaven.
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