Trusting in Circumstances and Retraining Your Mind to Focus on the Positive

Light Bursting from Behind the Clouds

Trust in the circumstances you are in because they are not only meant to be, but also are leading you to a better place in the evolution of your soul. Even if times are challenging or you do not understand where circumstances are leading, there are positive reasons for these situations. Negative circumstances are not what they seem on the surface, as there is an amazing interconnected network of events occurring at this very moment which are leading us into situations designed to help us grow as souls.

Seeing the Positives Hidden Within

Events we perceive as negative are designed to help us grow, often at an accelerated pace. Positive experiences encourage growth through reward. On earth, it may seem as though negative circumstances outweigh the positive. This is not necessarily true. Pain, emotional or physical, often acts like a bookmark on our souls. Because of this, it is sometimes easier to recall painful situations because they left a very strong impression tied to lessons for our souls. The human ego, which is the seat of negativity, uses these bookmarks to retrieve information and persuade us into thinking there is more negative than positive. However, in knowing this, you can train your brain to recall the positive.

Important Insights Revealed

One evening as I sat in meditation, my best friend, Michele, who crossed over into Heaven several decades ago, appeared to me. Memories of our relationship flooded in; however, all had negative connotations, including the heart-wrenching way she passed, the great troubles she experienced prior to her passing, and more. In my mind I said, “No! This is not what my relationship with Michele was about. Show me at least two positive memories to counter each of the negative ones just shown.” As I continued to relax in the meditation journey, the positive memories started to flood in about the good times Michele and I enjoyed. It warmed my heart and taught me an important lesson about the ease with which we recall the negative and how we can turn that around by redirecting our thoughts to recall the positive experiences. Now when I think of Michele, it is with joy in my heart for the good times we shared.

Daily Gratitude

Each day, I work on emphasizing the positive over the negative by expressing gratitude for all the lessons I have learned, the people and animals in my life, the opportunities to give and receive love, the gifts I have been given, all that I have, and so much more. When negative circumstances arise, I do my best to focus on the lessons behind the circumstances instead of allowing sadness or self-pity to kick in, as those emotions are counterproductive and wasteful. Because I actively choose to look for the positive lessons behind negative circumstances, I have been given glimpses into the amazing ways events are orchestrated, with one circumstance leading to another and another, ending with a whole host of positive experiences hidden within. A very simple example of this would be having a tire on your vehicle go flat, which leads you to a repair shop for fixing. This could be viewed as an inconvenience as you need to alter your plans and pay for an unexpected expense. However, while at the shop, you bump into an old acquaintance who, after inquiring about how you have been and what you have been up to, provides you with a tip to help you with your career. This piece of information ends up helping you in more ways than you thought possible and came at the perfect time for you. There are no coincidences in life. All events are orchestrated from Heaven with our best interests in mind. This sequence of events started with a negative but ended with a positive. You never know where life will lead you; however, if you keep an open mind and do your best to focus on the positives, they are there. It may take time to see the positives, especially when you are immersed within a challenging situation. It is at those times it would be helpful to let go of unproductive striving and look toward solutions and the lessons within. If solutions are proving difficult to determine, this is when I let go and let God. In my mind, I hand my challenges up to God and ask for assistance, then I take my mind off the issues by focusing on other tasks or activities I enjoy while I wait for instructions about the next steps to take. These instructions will come in the form of urges to take positive actions or repetitive signs or messages.

Asking for Help

Try not to be too hard on yourself or allow a barrage of negativity to get you down. There are times when events outside of you may disturb your thoughts or increase frustration or sadness about events in the world or in the lives of those you love. If you are struggling to grapple with difficult issues affecting your life or the lives of others, I recommend calling on God and the Archangels to provide you examples of the good in the world or to show you ways you can assist in the situation or help make the world a better place. I do this when negative news about the world becomes overwhelming. I also send prayers asking for God to intervene and heal the situations. Even though there are positive reasons for negative circumstances, it can be easy to be overwhelmed at times by an onslaught of troubling news, whether it is about our own lives, the lives of those we love, or the world. Ask for help from above or from those around you if you need it and do what you can to take positive actions, including looking for the lessons behind the circumstances and, if possible, solutions to improve circumstances for those affected.

We Are All Human

Throughout all the experiences of life, it is important to remember we are all human. We make mistakes, we get back up, we go through good times and bad, and we are all living through this experience together. Be kind to yourself and others through understanding and forgiveness, and by knowing there will be people who have not yet progressed through certain lessons which enable them to operate from a place of love. We are a mix of younger souls and older souls who are helping each other learn lessons, all with the goal of helping our souls evolve and grow to a place of higher understanding and peace through love. Viewing our experiences from a more positive perspective will help make our lifetimes more enjoyable and productive, while helping us to see and experience the love and guidance from Heaven which influences our lives every day.

From the heart of my spirit to yours,
Karen T. Hluchan

Spirit Medium, Motivational Speaker, Reiki Master, Spiritual Artist, & Author of How Have You Loved?

Karen T. Hluchan is a spirit medium, motivational speaker, Reiki master, spiritual artist, and author of How Have You Loved?Through her mediumship practice, Healing Spirit with Love, she devotes her time to the healing of spirit on earth through her connection with heaven. Her passion for her calling is shared through spirit medium readings and angel readings, speaking engagements, and workshops she instructs, as well as through her writing, Reiki, and fine art spiritual paintings. All of her work is inspired by the divine light that is within us all. She has a great love of nature, people, and the planet, and she enjoys her connection in spirit, both here and in heaven.

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Can Loved Ones in Spirit See Us from Heaven?

Guardian angel volunteering

When our loved ones in spirit cross over into Heaven, there is an amazing transformation which takes place. Not only are their souls released from their physical bodies and continue on in energy form, but they also gain great insight into the inner workings of Heaven and Earth. Knowledge is revealed about the purposes of their lives, why events occurred the ways they did, and the lessons contained within their soul contracts. Through the process of gaining greater understanding of reasons for events on earth, they often volunteer to help their loved ones who are still there. The love which connected souls while on earth is a bond that remains between souls. Because of this, our loved ones in spirit can gain access to our lives from the other plane in order to help guide us and provide assistance when they can.

Watching Over Us as Guardian Angels

Once in Heaven, our loved ones in spirit can volunteer to be our guardian angels. By volunteering for this job, they agree to watch over us and help us when needed. This does not mean, though, that they can interfere with lessons we need to learn for our souls. They can assist us by providing signs and messages to help us to navigate our lives, steer us toward positive opportunities through urges to take action, and help avert certain events. All actions they take are orchestrated in tandem with our soul contracts, which are overseen by the Archangels who grant permission for the assistance. In order to help us, guardian angels need to be able to see events which are occurring, as well as understand events from the past which influence our decisions and be given glimpses into potential future events.

Past Life Pavilion

Loved ones in spirit who volunteer to be guardian angels can visit the Hall of Records where all Akashic Records are stored. These records contain information about our past lives and current lives, including the soul contracts we agreed to prior to life on earth. When visiting the Hall of Records, guardian angels can enter the Past Life Pavilion to learn more about us and what motivates the actions we take in order to better assist us on earth. These actions are performed with love and should not be viewed as an invasion of privacy. It comes from the desire to help through a deeper understanding of who we are as souls.

While bringing through communications from loved ones on the Other Side, also known as a reading, the loved ones in spirit have shown me specific scenes from the past in which they were not present for but have greatly affected the recipient of the reading. They show these scenes to indicate their knowledge of the past events, as well as to assist with any residual circumstances currently affecting the recipient.

Additionally, loved ones in spirit often like to share scenes of events which have occurred since they have passed in order to demonstrate not only their awareness of the events, but also that they were present in spirit when the events took place. The events shown range from simple occurrences, such as the purchase of new décor for the home or the habit of speaking to the photograph of a loved one in spirit, to more complex situations, such as the outcomes of lawsuits over their estates and actions taken by the parties involved.

Loved Ones in Spirit are Around You More than You Think

Even if you are not aware of their presence, loved ones in spirit are around you quite often. It is important to note that they do respect your privacy, especially those times of intimate behaviors which are not meant for public viewing.

All loved ones in spirit can see us from the Other Side, not just those who have volunteered to be guardian angels. They love us and want to know how we are doing. Loved ones in spirit often visit us on earth to let us know they are around and that they love us. They use signs to let you know they are around, such as visual images and music which reminds you of them, scents in the air, cravings for food they used to cook, and feeling their presence. They also check in on other living family members, including significant others, children, and grandchildren, even if they did not have a chance to meet them while they were alive. They are certainly aware of their presence and importance in your life.

Loved ones in spirit can be in more than once place at a time and can quickly move from one place to another because they are in energy form. When giving a reading over the phone, they often provide me with images showing the location of the recipient, including the layout of the room, specific furniture or knick-knacks and more. They do this to let the recipient know they are there with them, even though their communications are being received by me.

Messages about the Future

Loved ones in spirit who are guardian angels can also provide information about events which will be occurring in the future. They view these in the Hall of Records or are provided the information by the Archangels or God. Loved ones in spirit provide details to the affected parties through dreams and visions, as well as through communications with spirit mediums. It is very important to note that they cannot and will not show every occurrence that will happen in our lives. There are several reasons for this:

  • Some events are destined while others are based on freewill decisions and our current path. When we agree to life lessons in our soul contracts before we are born, they are written in outline form. Events are then orchestrated on earth in real time to help us learn those lessons. If we do not learn a particular lesson, circumstances will be repeated in different ways until we do. Therefore, some future events may change based on our freewill decisions.
  • When revealing glimpses of the future, guardian angels must be given permission to share these pieces of information. Permission is granted by the Archangels only when the information will not interfere with our life lessons.
  • If guardian angels showed us everything about our lives, there would be no purpose for us to be here. We all have lessons to learn which require us to make freewill decisions. They can attempt to assist us; however, they cannot show us everything because it may influence actions or reactions which are critical to our learning process.

Taking Comfort in Their Presence

Our loved ones in spirit, especially those who have volunteered to be guardian angels, love to help us with our lives. The love we share with them bonds us together through the hearts of our spirits. Even though they are enjoying their time in Heaven, they know life on earth can be challenging and they want to be there for us to assist in any way they can. Their presence in our lives is a comforting one, as it fosters the love between us and gives proof of our souls’ existence beyond life on earth. Pay attention to the signs and the patterns which reveal their presence in your life. Your angels and loved ones are there for you and are doing their best to provide guidance and opportunities for your spiritual growth.

From the heart of my spirit to yours,
Karen T. Hluchan

Spirit Medium, Motivational Speaker, Reiki Master, Spiritual Artist, & Author of How Have You Loved?

Karen T. Hluchan is a spirit medium, motivational speaker, Reiki master, spiritual artist, and author of How Have You Loved?Through her mediumship practice, Healing Spirit with Love, she devotes her time to the healing of spirit on earth through her connection with heaven. Her passion for her calling is shared through spirit medium readings and angel readings, speaking engagements, and workshops she instructs, as well as through her writing, Reiki, and fine art spiritual paintings. All of her work is inspired by the divine light that is within us all. She has a great love of nature, people, and the planet, and she enjoys her connection in spirit, both here and in heaven.

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Why Recognizing Signs from Spirit Is Important to Your Life Path

Sunrise at HaleakalaLife on earth is an accelerated course for soul evolution. We have voluntarily opted to live a lifetime on earth to learn lessons for the development of our souls, and the negativity we encounter speeds up the process. In heaven, negativity does not exist. Soul development does occur there; however, the lessons are based more on the giving of service, learning about the many levels of existence, and exploring the multi-faceted methods for communicating across planes.

In our journey through life, we are not left to our own devices. Each of us is given extra assistance from our heavenly support teams of God, the angels, loved ones in spirit, and spirit guides. They send us signs and messages on a daily basis that can help guide us on our life paths. The key to unlocking the knowledge that is at our disposal is to learn how to recognize and decipher the communications that are being sent from your support team in heaven. The benefits to receiving this insider advice is almost immeasurable, as it can have far-reaching effects on the positive development of your soul.

Ascension Removes the Veil
When our loved ones ascend to heaven, knowledge that was obscured from them while on earth is revealed, giving them a better understanding of the reasons behind their experiences on earth. They do not become all-knowing, but they do attain greater insight that enables them to see the events on earth from a more informed perspective. This insight can be utilized to help you navigate your life path if you open yourself to the guidance that is shared with you on a daily basis by your heavenly support team.

In addition to your loved ones in heaven, you have seasoned spirit guides and angels that have specific knowledge about your chosen life path. They have access to your Akashic Records, which contain information about your past incarnations, as well as the plans for your current incarnation on earth. The plans contain the life lessons you have chosen to learn, as well as an outline of certain events that could potentially occur in your lifetime. These events could be major turning points in your soul’s evolution that come as a result of the choices you make about you, your relationships, your thought processes, and your purpose.

In essence, you are never alone. There is always a benevolent spirit nearby who is willing to assist you with your life path. Having an open mind, and a heightened level of awareness about the existence and presence of these spiritual beings, are the first steps you can take toward recognizing and receiving messages from your heavenly support team.

Your Personal Tour Guides of Life
Every day, I receive messages from spirit that are like sign posts directing me toward the best path in my daily life, which also impacts my overall life plan. It is similar to having extremely knowledgeable tour guides that help me to navigate the vast experiences of life on earth. Because these tour guides are in the energetic form of spirit and have advanced communication abilities, they utilize all of our senses to get their messages across to us. The greatest challenge they have in communicating with human beings is the built-in system that purposefully creates obstacles through the illusion of fear. This system is referred to as the human ego.

Breaking through the Wall
The mental block that is put in place when we are born, otherwise known as the human ego, is a wall that can be breeched through conscious awareness of the existence of life beyond the human experience. By opening your mind to the extraordinary possibilities of the universe, and trusting that loving spirits do exist on other planes, you can consciously open the communication channel that moves past the ego and delivers specific and helpful guidance for your life path.

Everyone Is Born with the Gift of Mediumship
Everyone is born with the ability to communicate via spirit. It is the way we communicate with God, the angels, our loved ones in spirit, spirit guides, and each other. Our prayers, thoughts, and requests for assistance are sent to God, the angels, and our loved ones using telepathic transmissions from one spirit to another, similar to the way in which wireless signals are sent from one computer to another. When we communicate with each other on earth, these signals are being sent back and forth via our spirits; however, it is something that occurs in the background of conscious awareness. When you are speaking with someone, you know in your heart when a person’s words do not sound or feel right. There may be a nagging thought in the back of your mind or a slight clenching of your stomach muscles that may be indicating to you that this person is not speaking his or her truth. This intuitive information is coming from your spirit which houses a higher consciousness and understanding of spirit-to-spirit communication.

Even though everyone is born with the gift of mediumship, it does not mean that everyone on earth is destined to be a medium who shares his or her gifts on a professional level. Just as certain people are born with the ability to excel in sports, others are born with the ability to excel in spirit communication. Your path is unique to you, and if mediumship is your calling, you will know it. If it is not, you can still learn how to use the skills you have to communicate with your heavenly support team in a way that will benefit you and your loved ones.

A Map to Lead the Way
The benefits of tuning in to the positive messages that come from enlightened beings in heaven can be equated to being given a map to help you find the most beneficial path to get to your destination, which is the evolvement of the soul through life lessons. Please know that spiritual beings will not give you the answers to a test or solve all of your problems for you. They will only give you sign posts or messages to guide you along the way. It is your job as a soul seeking knowledge and learning lessons to make decisions through your free will. If you were given all of the answers, lessons would not be learned and there would be no point in taking the journey.

Examples of Signs
There are many ways that our heavenly support team sends us messages. It is an abstract form of communication that uses all of our senses, and goes beyond straightforward verbal and non-verbal cues. Your mind must be open to experiencing and recognizing the extraordinary in the ordinary that surrounds you each day.

Here are a few of the more common methods used to transmit messages:

  • Music – Songs that you hear in your head, or that play on the radio at seemingly coincidental times, are often messages from spirit. Pay attention to the lyrics that you are hearing. If you do not know all of the words to the song or the title, look it up. There is a message in it for you about a current event in your life. You could also be hearing music that reminds you of a loved one who has passed away. For instance, my dad loved the band, Journey. I often hear “Don’t Stop Believing” in my head or on the radio at times when I need a positive boost. As a note, negative songs and lyrics are not sent from your heavenly support team. They only send positive messages to you.
  • Visual Clues – When you see an object or image that reminds you of a loved one, it is them letting you know that they are around and that they are sending you their love. For instance, one morning I turned on my television and there was a show on about model trains that popped up on the screen. I have no idea what channel I had left the television on the night before, but this was odd because it appeared to be a very old show. I immediately knew this was my dad letting me know that he was around and that he was sending me his love. You see, his major hobby was collecting model trains. There are no coincidences in this world, and many people may have written that off as strange, but if you open your mind you can learn how to recognize these subtle, and not-so-subtle, messages from spirit.
  • Feeling a Presence – Some people on earth have a very strong sense of extrasensory feeling, or clairsentience. They can physically feel the presence of a loved one in spirit. I often feel the presence of my cats who are in heaven when I lay down to go to sleep. I feel the warmth of their love in the shape of their bodies that they had on earth. It feels like a living cat has curled up next to me, and it may be accompanied by the feeling of a slight depression in the bed where they are laying. This may sound scary to some who have not experienced it; however, for those of us who have, it is comforting to feel the warmth and affection of loved ones in spirit.
  • Scent in the Air – Have you ever picked up on a scent in the air that does not seem to fit in with your surroundings, such as cookies baking in your office or cigar smoke in a non-smoking hotel? Loved ones in spirit alter the molecules in the air to pipe in certain scents that remind you of them. It could be the smell of their perfume or a mechanic’s garage. When you pick up these unusual scents in the air that seem to have no logical source, who is it that you think of? Is it your grandmother who baked great cookies for family gatherings? Is it your father who used to love working on cars, and often came home smelling of grease and oil from his mechanic’s garage? The scents are usually strong and distinct, and they may be picked up on by others in your vicinity. That is because the scent is actually piped into the air when they send this type of message to you.
  • Cravings Out of the Blue – Have you ever had a sudden craving for your deceased mother’s apple pie, a craving so strong that you can actually taste it in your mouth? This is yet another way that spirit sends messages to us. The way they send this message is similar to the way they send messages that tickle our sense of smell. They alter the molecules in the air to send energy associated with certain tastes to the sensors in our mouths. This type of message is usually confused with physical cravings for certain foods. It is important when you experience a very strong craving to take a moment to think about whether this is a message being sent from spirit. Do you associate what you are craving with a particular loved one in heaven? If so, you can acknowledge the message for what it is, and not feel compelled to find someone who baked an apple pie like your mother’s.

Whenever you do recognize the signs sent by your heavenly support team, be sure to thank them for their efforts. They are always pleased when their transmissions are successful, because it means that you are open and paying attention to their loving messages.

Further Research
To learn more about how spirits communicate, I recommend that you research the topics of mediumship and intuition. There are many resources out there that can help you to understand the incredible ways that spirits communicate with us. In my book, How Have You Loved?, I provide introductory information about spirit communication, including definitions of the six “clairs,” or extrasensory senses that human beings can utilize to communicate with spirit. The more you learn, the more you will be able to benefit from the extraordinary assistance that is being gifted to you on a daily basis from enlightened spiritual beings.


With much love and many blessings for all,
Karen T. Hluchan

Spirit Medium, Motivational Speaker, Reiki Master, & Author of How Have You Loved?

Karen T. Hluchan is a spirit medium, motivational speaker, Reiki master, and author of How Have You Loved? Through her mediumship practice, Healing Spirit with Love, she devotes her time to the healing of spirit on earth through her connection with heaven. Her passion for her calling is shared through the spirit readings, demonstrations, and workshops she provides, as well as through her writing, Reiki, and fine art spiritual paintings. All of her work is inspired by the divine light that is within us all. She has a great love of nature, people, and the planet, and she enjoys her connection in spirit, both here and in heaven.
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Receiving Divine Messages from Spirits in Heaven

Sunrise at HaleakalaAs a Spirit Medium, I help to connect people with loved ones that have crossed over into heaven, as well as with spirit guides, guardian angels, past spiritual masters, and archangels. Loved ones who come through in a reading include both people and animals. I am constantly delighted and amazed at the messages that come through, as well as the way in which they are communicated.

How Communications from Spirit are Received
When I communicate with spirits, all of my extrasensory senses are utilized. Through clairvoyance, or extrasensory seeing, I am shown motion and still images of the deceased, as well as images that have symbolic meaning for the recipient of the reading. Through clairsentience, or extrasensory feeling, spirits send me physical indicators about the way in which they passed, such as a short sharp pain in the area of my heart which indicates that his or her life ended due to a heart attack. Through clairaudience, or extrasensory hearing, I am able to pick up auditory messages that spirits want to pass along to you. The use of clairalience and clairambience allows me to pick up on messages that are sent through my sense of taste and smell. For instance, I recently had an experience in which the strong taste of cigar smoke came through in a reading. When I shared this information with the recipient of the reading, they confirmed that the loved one coming through was a cigar smoker. Lastly, messages are sent to me using claircognizance, or extrasensory knowing. This is information that is known within my spirit. It is not shared through any of the others senses, it is information that has been downloaded to my mind that I share with the recipient of a reading.

Messages Shared After Loved Ones Have Been Identified
Once a spirit has been clearly recognized by the recipient of a reading through the initial validation process in which identity-revealing information is transmitted, such as about physical characteristics and personality traits, then it is time to share the messages that the spirit wants you to receive. The messages often include love, asking for forgiveness, and comfort about the spirit’s arrival in heaven.

Truthful and Heartfelt Guidance from Heaven
Because these spirits are in heaven, and can better see and understand the process of life on earth, they often offer guidance about your life path. It is important to keep in mind that the gift of divine communication is not to tell you what you necessarily want to hear, but to share with you the truth. The messages you receive are of great importance to the growth of your soul. Because we have been given the gift of free will, it is always up to the recipient of the reading to decide whether to follow the advice that is gifted to them by his or her heavenly support team.

What Happens When You Choose to Ignore Messages from Heaven
Some people have a strong adverse reaction to the messages because it requires that he or she let go of anger, grudges, and negative thought processes that he or she has held onto for a long time. The spirits are telling the person this, not to make the him or her angry or upset, but rather to help this person to release harmful patterns that are holding him or her back from achieving personal happiness, and could even be causing the recipient of the reading emotional, mental, and physical distress. If a person chooses to ignore the messages that spirits have shared with him or her, the spirits will not give up on their quest to help this person. He or she will continue to come across situations that will challenge him or her to grow as a soul, and to open his or her heart and mind to a more positive life path.

What Happens When You Listen to Divine Guidance
I am very happy to report that most people are open to the messages that they receive from spirit during readings. They understand the priceless value of the heavenly guidance that has been given to them. Amazing transformations and events do occur in the lives of the people who do take the messages to heart. I know not only because I am one of them, but also because of the feedback I receive from thankful clients who tell me about the fantastic turn their lives have taken as a result of following the advice given to them by their loved ones in spirit.

Best Advice
When you are the recipient of a spirit medium reading, my best advice is to keep an open mind about who will come through for you, as well as the messages that they will deliver to you about your life. It is a gift of divine guidance and intervention that could completely turn your life around if you listen closely to the information that spirits are sharing with you. This information originates not from the spirit medium who is delivering it, because he or she is only the vessel through which the communication flows, but from your heavenly support team who views your life from a much higher perspective. They want to see you succeed with the life lessons you have chosen for this lifetime, and hope that you recognize the honor and the blessings that they have gifted to you through their heavenly communications with you.


With Light and Love,
Karen T. Hluchan
Spirit Medium, Motivational Speaker, Reiki Master, & Author of How Have You Loved?

Coping with the Loss of a Loved One

Into the LightWhen loved ones cross over into Heaven, it can be a painful emotional experience for those who are left behind. We grieve because we miss the physical closeness of the person or pet whose presence made a difference in our lives. In essence, they are continuing on a spiritual journey that we cannot take with them because we are meant to stay here on earth and fulfill our own life purposes.

The feeling of loss can be devastating and heart-wrenching. Trying to continue on with our lives may be difficult as grief threatens to overwhelm our emotional well being. Grief is a natural feeling that accompanies loss; however, grief can be lessened with knowledge. Knowing that our Spirit does not die with our physical bodies lessens the pain of physical separation from our loved ones and changes our perceptions of the “finality” of death.

I am amazed every day with the communications that come through from Spirit. As a Spirit Medium, I know that this is not a residual energy of the person or pet who was here on earth, but an actual transmission of information in real time. They show me what they are doing in Heaven whether it is reuniting with loved ones who have already crossed or engaging in activities that bring them happiness.

Learning and evolving as a soul continues in Heaven. The lessons there are different than they are here on Earth. That is because the environment is completely different. On Earth, there is a lot of negativity and harder lessons to learn. The speed at which our soul evolves is much faster here on Earth due to the challenging circumstances we face. In Heaven, we thoughtfully review the lives that we have lived and determine the lessons we have learned and still need to learn. We embrace the knowledge that was veiled from us on Earth with compassion and understanding for ourselves and others. Anxiety is a thing of the past. From the communications I have received, Heaven is a not just a time to rest in joyful reunion, but also a time to make considerable contributions to all Spirit through meaningful jobs that assist those in Heaven and on Earth. For instance, one may choose to become a Guardian Angel or a Spirit Guide.

By knowing that our Spirit lives on, we can take comfort in knowing that death is not the end but a new beginning…the next phase of our journey and evolvement as a soul. For those here on Earth, the connection of the heart that our loved ones have with us never dies. In fact, it is the love that we hold in the heart of our Spirit that endures and allows communication to continue.

When confronted with the loss of a loved one from this Earth, take comfort in knowing that their Spirit lives on in Heaven and that, when the designated time of your passing arrives, you will be reunited with them. In the meantime, we have our own soul evolvement to attend to on Earth including learning how to release the grief of separation and to move forward with our lives, taking comfort in the love that resides in the heart of our Spirits.

With Light and Love,
Karen T. Hluchan