Reiki 2 Workshop

Date: Sunday, June 9
Time: 10am – 3:00pm
Location: Horsham, PA
Prerequisite: Reiki 1

Group Spirit Medium ReadingsThis interactive course provides in-depth information about Reiki energy healing for those who are interested in administering Reiki to others on a personal or professional level.

In Karen’s Level 2 workshop, you will learn how to conduct Reiki energy healing sessions for recipients in seated and prone positions, as well as across distances and in situations in which targeted application is appropriate. Discussions will include ethical responsibilities, advanced healing techniques, intermediate level symbology, and best practices for Reiki practitioners.

Includes: In-depth workshop for Reiki 2, self healing and Reiki for others, Level 2 symbology, individual Reiki 2 attunement and certification, ways to incorporate intuitive and mediumship skills with Reiki, and information about how to become a professional practitioner. *Bonus: Once you have participated in Karen’s Reiki 2 Workshop, you will be eligible for invitations to Reiki Shares and to become a member of her private Facebook page for students.

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Workshop is limited to 10 students.

Fee: $200

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Note: Bring a bagged lunch and something to take notes with (pen and paper, electronic tablet, etc.). Recordings of any kind are not permitted (audio, video, etc.) except by Healing Spirit with Love, LLC. This workshop may be recorded by Karen for future use.