Development Circle for Students

Each month, Karen hosts a Development Circle in Horsham, PA for students of her mediumship and tarot classes to explore various topics and to practice their skills sets. The Development Circle offers students an opportunity to continue to grow their knowledge while in the company of like-minded individuals on a spiritual path.
Past practice sessions included tarot readings, angel readings, spirit medium readings, animal communication, meditation journeys, and more. Students choose the topics and take turns opening the Circle in order to increase confidence and experience.
The prerequisite for joining the Development Circle is to have participated in at least one of Karen’s mediumship or tarot workshops as this is a continuing education opportunity for students trained in evidential mediumship and tarot reading.
Looking forward to seeing you at the Development Circle!

Reiki 3 Workshop

Sunrise at HaleakalaDate: Sunday, January 27, 2019
Time: 12:00pm – 4:30pm
Location: Horsham, PA
Reiki 1 and Reiki 2

This interactive course provides in-depth information about the final level of Reiki energy healing for those who are interested in becoming a Reiki Master that is certified to instruct others in Reiki traditions.

In Karen’s Level 3 workshop, you will learn how to maintain the time-honored Reiki traditions of handing down information from teacher to student, including the attunement process. Discussions will include ethical responsibilities, advanced healing techniques, advanced level symbology, and best practices for Reiki Masters.

Includes: In-depth workshop for Reiki 3, advanced healing techniques, Reiki 3 symbology, individual Reiki 3 attunement, Reiki 3 Master certification, how to teach Reiki, how to perform attunements, and how to become a professional Reiki Master and teacher.

Once you have participated in Karen’s Reiki 3 Workshop, you will be eligible for invitations to Reiki Shares.

Click here for more details about the Reiki Level 3 Workshop.

Workshop is limited to 6 students.

Note: In the event of inclement weather, all students will be notified in advance and a reschedule date will be set with input from the students.

Fee: $300 – Early Bird Pricing through January 21, 2019 – Save $50 off of the regular price of $350!

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If you are experiencing problems processing payment through PayPal, please call Karen at 215-738-5538 to process payment over the phone. Thank you!

Note: Bring a snack and something to take notes with (pen and paper, electronic tablet, etc.). Recordings of any kind are not permitted (audio, video, etc.) except by Healing Spirit with Love, LLC. This workshop may be recorded by Karen for future use.