Trust Your Soul

Trust Your SoulThere are times when we get stuck in our own heads with negative, self-defeating thoughts that conjure up feelings of hopelessness and despair. It is at these times that it may feel as though the universe is against us and all of our plans and dreams. Even though this is not the case, the persistence of these thoughts may block out any acknowledgement of positive accomplishments and beliefs. Having faith in the future, in God, and in others may seem next to impossible. It is at times like these when we need to trust our souls.

Wealth of Information

Our souls carry a wealth of information about the numerous lives we have lived in the past, blueprints for our current lifetime, and future plans for our existence beyond this life on earth. It is not a story of despair and endless pain, but one of triumph, divine design, and blessings yet to come. Each experience we have is manufactured to encourage growth on the soul level. The subsequent expansion of knowledge helps us take the next steps forward, enables us to use our experiences to help others, and builds within us a spiritual strength and fortitude to counteract the negativity that attempts to block our faith in that which cannot be seen but nevertheless exists.

The Battle Within

During our low times, it may seem as though the battle between light and darkness is a never-ending epic fight. In essence, though, we can reduce it to minor skirmishes by reminding ourselves of the larger picture, searching for the positive in trying circumstances, and surrounding ourselves with loving people who we can count on to guide us out of the darkness with sage advice, a willing ear, and a comforting shoulder to cry on. The relationships we build need to be reciprocal. Meaning we, too, must be willing to assist others during their times of need. Establishing relationships with a healthy balance of giving and receiving encourages trust, which increases the sharing of love and reduces the impact of stressful situations.

Learning How to Let Go and Let God

Another way to release the hold negative thoughts can have on us is to learn how to let go of the internal struggle and trust that the circumstances we face are of greater importance than what appears on the surface. Even though events might not turn out the way we would have preferred, they will serve as divinely important lessons for our souls, and that, my friends, is why we are here—to become better souls through all of the experiences in life, including the good, the bad, the joyous, and the sad. Our souls know the life lessons we signed up for, and when we learn how to recognize the benefits of all circumstances, we are working in tandem with God’s ultimate plans for us—which are beautiful and full of light and love.

Just for Today

Just for today, let it be okay that you do not have all of the answers or know what the future holds. Work on trusting in the divine plan imprinted within your soul that has your best interests at heart, and know that change ushers in growth and allows for the manifestation of your most heartfelt desires.


With Light and Love,
Karen T. Hluchan

Spirit Medium, Motivational Speaker, Reiki Master, & Author of How Have You Loved?

Karen T. Hluchan is a spirit medium, motivational speaker, Reiki master, and author of How Have You Loved? Through her mediumship practice, Healing Spirit with Love, she devotes her time to the healing of spirit on earth through her connection with heaven. Her passion for her calling is shared through the spirit readings, demonstrations, and workshops she provides, as well as through her writing and Reiki. All of her work is inspired by the divine light that is within us all. She has a great love of nature, people, and the planet, and she enjoys her connection in spirit, both here and in heaven.


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