When Pets Cross Over into Heaven


Shadow (2012)

Animals, especially our pets, have a special place in many of our hearts. The unconditional love they share with us is a model for how we can love one another. Anyone who has fallen in love with their pet knows they give so much love and gratitude for our companionship and care. When it comes time for them to cross over into heaven, it is a loss that is felt deeply by all in the household, including other pets.

Surrounded by Loving Beings

When the time comes for our beloved animal companions to cross over to the Other Side, it can be a very emotional and heartbreaking time. It is comforting to know that our pets, just like human beings, are surrounded by spirit guides, loved ones in spirit, and the angels during their transition to heaven. Recently, when my cat, Shadow, passed, I asked the angels to show me his journey in order to share with you what happens when our pets cross over into heaven.

Spirit Guides Ease Their Transition

When Shadow passed, his spirit guides were there to show him the way to heaven. As with people, the guides are unique to the animal. Each being is born with a spirit guide who remains with them for their time on earth, and animals are no different. When pets cross over, their personal spirit guide is there, as well as deceased loved ones who knew them (people and animals), angels, past spiritual masters, and even God. The guides are there to inform them that their physical body has expired, indicating it is time to cross over into heaven. The pull of love is strong on earth, especially if there were deep bonds formed with their companion family. The guides gently let them know it is time to move on to heaven, and that they will never truly be separated from their earthly companions because the love they share will keep them connected. They let them know that, once they have crossed, they can visit in spirit with their loved ones on earth to give them comfort and signs that they are around. Like people, pets can be scared of being separated from loved ones and the life they knew; however, the angels bring peace to their hearts and minds, easing their transition.

Time for Orientation

In the same way that people have an orientation to heaven, animals are also given an introduction and an educational session about heaven. They learn about their new home, as well as what they can do while they are there, including how they can communicate and help their loved ones on earth. They are reunited with loved ones who have crossed over before them, including animal parents and siblings, as well as people who knew them and loved them. The angels, guides, and deceased loved ones often volunteer to watch over them as they await the arrival of their companion family on earth.

Grief Transformed Through Understanding

As with those of us on earth, our beloved pets do experience some sorrow during their transition to heaven. It is natural to feel a sense of loss for the life and companions they knew on earth; however, the grief does not last like it does on earth because the abundant peace and love of heaven embraces them. In addition, they are given the gift of knowledge and enlightenment that allows them to better understand the workings of the universe and their role in it. Any pain they felt in life disappears, and they are transformed into younger and healthier versions of themselves. They are free to run and play, make new friends, roll in the softest spring green grass, and curl up in the warmth of the sun with loved ones.

Visiting Loved Ones on Earth

Kitten bottle feeding

Shadow holding his own bottle. (September 2000)

After their initial period of transition has been completed and grief over your loss has eased, your pets will visit you on earth. You may catch a glimpse of them out of the corner of your eye or see images that remind you of them, you may feel them curled up next to you on the couch or bed, and you may also hear the joyful sounds they used to make just for you. When animals communicate with me both here and from the Other Side, it is very similar to the way human loved ones in spirit communicate with me. They use all of my senses to transmit their messages, and the thought impressions I receive are translated into a spoken language I understand. When they communicate with you, you may receive signs and messages through images, sounds, feelings, smells, and more. It is not a coincidence that the day after Shadow passed a video popped up on one of my social media newsfeeds of a very young kitten holding its own bottle as it was being fed kitten replacement milk. When I adopted Shadow into my heart almost fifteen years ago, he was only two weeks old. Because he was abandoned by his natural mother at such a young age, he needed to be bottle-fed kitten replacement milk. I thought it was adorable how Shadow would hold his kitten-sized bottle with his paws. On an interesting side note, all kittens and puppies are born with brilliant blue eyes, just like human babies. If an extremely young animal comes under your care, you should take it to the veterinarian as soon as possible. They have very special needs, ones that you would not even think about, that need to be immediately addressed.

Love Connection

Our beloved pets and companions leave impressions of their love on our hearts. The relationships we build and nurture on earth with all beings creates a bond that cannot be broken with the expiration of our physical bodies. Love is the strongest energy in the universe. It is the ultimate power that links each and every one of us together. It is the spark of life that created our souls, and when we find others whose spark grows and expands within each other’s company, we know we have found our soulmates, our twin flames, and our spiritual family.

Blessings and love to you and yours. May your soul be eased with the love of the angels.

In Memoriam of Shadow

Shadow_August 3, 2015In memory of my sweet and loving Shadow, who will always be my hero, loving companion, and special boy. Rest in peace and enjoy your time in heaven. Thank you for 15 glorious years of love on earth.

September 3, 2000 – August 3, 2015



  1. Karen, thank you so much. That was and is beautiful. It’s a great comfort in knowing that our beloved pets are in paradise and that we’ll be reconnected one day in our spirit lives..

  2. Maria Ryan says

    I am so sorry for your loss. Pets live with us for only as short time and yet, the impact they leave is infinite. I have a very sick dog. She was severely abused before our adoption and had suffered multiple physical injuries. She is only 9 yet aging rapidly. She has developed tumors along her neck and most are just benign fatty tumors but one is cancerous and attaching to her esophagus. It is inoperable because of all her internal deformities from abuse. She has lost so much weight. I feed her a special diet, take her out frequently and spend as much time as I can just sitting with her. She looks at me with eyes that I swear see into my very soul. I know she is still here because of me. I am her “person.” How can I let her know it is okay to go? How can I convince her I will be okay without her, even when, right now, I am not so sure that I will be okay? How can I become more OKAY so I can let her go?

    • healings-admin says

      Hello Maria,

      Thank you for writing to me about your beloved dog. She knows what is in your heart. She knows the love you share and in some ways, she is trying to comfort you because she knows her time is coming. When a pet is suffering with a terminal illness or condition, it is painful to see them in this condition and it is difficult to know when to make the decision to help them cross over to the Other Side. Having been through this many times myself, it is a matter of their quality of life. When any of my pets has been diagnosed with a terminal illness that cannot be healed and is suffering, as their pet parent, it is my belief it is better to ease their suffering than to have them in great pain or discomfort. Coming to that conclusion is not easy. It is always a tough decision; however, I can say that I have had numerous pets come through in spirit thanking their pet parents for helping to ease their pain and to let them know they are happy in Heaven. Talk with your vet. They will not make the decision for you, but they should inform you about the condition of your dog and what she is experiencing, as well as the next steps to take.

      As for you, your heart will heal in time, as will hers. She knows her time on Earth is coming to an end. She appreciates her time with you and all you have done for her.

      Whenever a person or pet crosses over into Heaven, there is a grieving period in which we need to adjust to not having our loved ones physically with us on this Earth. The love we share remains within our hearts and keeps us connected through eternity.

      Sending love, peace, courage, and strength to you and your pup during this time of transition. You will make the best decision for her, if you haven’t already.

      With Love and Light,
      Karen T. Hluchan


  3. Trisha Stone says

    Thank U,,, Lost my Roc after 12yrs solid as a Team, Greatest Love Story Ever between Him & I,. U answered Every Question I had, It’s helped me w this grief, He only passed 3 dys ago

    • healings-admin says

      Hello Trisha,

      My deepest condolences to you regarding the loss of your Roc. Our pets are amazing members of our family and bring us much love. I am glad my article about pets in Heaven helped bring some healing and understanding to your heart. Thank you so much for sharing your love with Roc in this lifetime. He will always be a part of your heart.

      Sending much love and peace to the heart of your spirit. Roc is at peace in Heaven and sends you his love.

      With Love and Light,
      Karen T. Hluchan


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