Communicate with Spirit – Beginners

Beginners Workshop: Opening Your Heart and Your Mind to Your Loved Ones in Spirit

Have you always wanted to communicate with a loved one in spirit? When a loved one’s physical existence on this earth comes to an end, our relationship with them continues on because the love we have in our hearts never dies and neither do our spirits.

This life-changing workshop is for people who are interested in learning how to connect with loved ones in heaven. Everyone is born with the ability to communicate via spirit to some degree and this workshop will teach you priceless ways to nurture your relationships with the members of your heavenly support team – your loved ones in spirit, the angels, past spiritual masters, and God.

Join Spirit Medium Karen T. Hluchan in a warm and welcoming atmosphere as she teaches you how your loved ones in spirit and angels communicate with you, and how you can ask them questions and receive answers and guidance about your life. You do not have to be a professional medium in order recognize and interpret the signs and messages sent to you from the Other Side. What you do need is an open mind and an open heart to receive the assistance that your heavenly support team is sending you on a daily basis.

At the end of this interactive workshop, you will have learned:

  • The amazing ways spirits communicate with you through your earthly and extrasensory senses
  • Evidential mediumship techniques to provide structure and methods for providing detailed information for the recipients of readings
  • How you can recognize and interpret signs from your loved ones in spirit
  • How to utilize your intuition to see the extraordinary in the ordinary
  • How to connect with your loved ones in your dreams and to remember your dreams upon wakening
  • Easy methods for asking questions and receiving answers from your loved ones in spirit and your angels

This workshop includes:

  • An Interactive mediumship workshop for beginners in which you will learn how to communicate with loved ones in spirit, establish a good working relationship with your Heavenly Support Team, learn how to control your gifts of mediumship, and more
  • Special participant-only discounts of 15% off of Karen’s book, How Have You Loved and her Spirit Animal Art prints
  • Ongoing participation in a private Facebook group hosted by Karen for past and present workshop participants to keep in touch, practice your skills, build friendships with like-minded people, and share knowledge
  • Access to Karen’s Development Circle
  • An entry into a drawing for a $50 gift certificate good toward all products and services offered by Karen (Winner to be announced at the end of the workshop)


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Hear from students who participated in Karen’s Communicate with Spirit workshop:


Special 2-Day and Extended Beginners Workshops!

The special 2-day  and extended beginners workshops include expanded beginner’s workshop content, additional interactive exercises, in-depth discussions, and more! The expansion of the beginner workshop allows you to explore with greater depth the loving world of spirit and your connection with your Heavenly Support Team.Communicating with spirit is an ability that everyone has to some degree. Learning how to communicate with your loved ones in spirit and the angels is a gift that will help you to better navigate your life and can bring greater peace and understanding to your life.


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