Reiki Energy Healing – Level 3

Dreams into Reality

This interactive course provides in-depth information about the final level of Reiki energy healing for those who are interested in becoming a Reiki Master with the option of teaching Reiki traditions.

In Karen’s Level 3 workshop, you will learn how to maintain the time-honored Reiki traditions of handing down information from teacher to student, including the attunement process. Discussions will include ethical responsibilities, advanced healing techniques, advanced level symbology, and best practices for Reiki Masters.

Karen practices a blend of Pranic and Reiki energy healing, which is incorporated into this course. All students will receive an attunement to further increase his or her openness and connection to the universal life-force energy, which is the energy that is utilized when administering Reiki energy healing.

After completing the Reiki Energy Healing Level 3 Workshop, you will:

  1. Have a more complete understanding of the principles and methods for administering Reiki at the advanced level, including the attunement process and appropriate Level 3 symbology.
  2. Have the certification and ability to teach Reiki energy healing to others.
  3. Be more open to the source of universal life-force energy, which will open the gateway to attunement with your spirit and higher self.
  4. Have a better understanding of professional Reiki practitioner principles and practices in the teaching setting.
  5. Receive Reiki 3 certification and attunement.

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